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AgileSHIFT® Enterprise Agility Training and Exam

AgileSHIFT: A Culture of Enterprise Agility

Course summary

Hilogic offers AgileSHIFT training and exams in Melbourne and Perth. A 2016 KPMG study showed 96% of organizations are in some phase of transformation. Enterprise agility is seen as a necessary capability enabling organizations to succeed with change and adapt in a constantly changing business environment. AgileSHIFT is a light-weight framework designed to fully align an organization and its people to understand and embrace the need for change. It provides agile principles and practices that everyone can use and supports the development of an agile mindset underlined by a culture of agility.

AgileSHIFT’s contribution to cultural agility helps remove institutional and behavioural barriers that inhibit successful change, improves adaptability and faster response times. Vital capabilities for organizations operating in a market place characterised by increasing customer demands and disruptors actively shaking up the established players.

Where agile approaches such as agile Scrum, AgilePM, SAFe and Kanban predominantly focus at the product delivery level, AgileSHIFT is seen as the very first agile framework of its type that focuses on organizational agility underpinned by a culture of agility.

The AgileSHIFT framework is made up of five principles and five practices that everyone within an organization can adapt and adopt. It outlines a delivery method comprising of roles, competencies, workflows, tools and techniques.

AgileSHIFT Framework

At the heart of the AgileSHIFT framework are these five principles:

  • The change will happen, so embrace it
  • Focus on the co-creation of customer value
  • Develop an environment where everybody adds value
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Tailor your approach

Why invest in AgileSHIFT

  • Enable rapid go-to-market solutions
  • Support development of customer-centric solutions through rapid customer feedback
  • Tackle silo approaches and encourage cross-divisional challenging of out-dated procedures, processes and rules
  • Increase organizational energy by encouraging autonomy through self-organizing teams, a team-work approach to challenges and growth with the development of new skills
  • Enhancing enterprise agility by aligning front-line business functions with development teams that may already be actively applying agile ways of working. Enabling collaboration, innovation, greater productivity, flexibility and adaptability.

The premise of AgileSHIFT is that an organization exists to serve and satisfy its customers (and other stakeholders) in the co-creation of value.

By the completion of the AgileSHIFT training participants will understand:

  • Why organizations need to create a culture of enterprise agility in response to a changing context
  • The key concepts of the AgileSHIFT framework and how it supports enterprise agility
  • The AgileSHIFT delivery approach, delivering value faster

Training outline:

Creating a culture of enterprise agility

  • The changing business context
  • The increasing role of technology
  • The need to create a culture of enterprise agility
  • Enterprise agility: understanding the delta (the ‘threat gap’) and multi-modal working

Making the AgileSHIFT

  • The framework: The AgileSHIFT principles and practices
  • Strategic alignment
  • The role of middle managers
  • Enabling agile ways of working across the organization

AgileSHIFT delivery approach

  • AgileSHIFT team roles
  • AgileSHIFT workflow: the iterative approach to work
  • Agile tools and techniques

The program includes an Essentials level exam encompassing the 3 learning modules referenced in the above Training Outline. Total exam duration is 45 minutes and can be split into three 15-minute blocks for each learning module. There are 33 questions in total worth 1 mark each. The pass mark is 20 or above (approx. 60%).

Target audience

AgileSHIFT training is designed for those directly affected by a proposed change and those who can influence change success.

Developing enterprise agility is a transformation journey in itself. We can support your agility goals through our holistic Agile Value Services:

  • AgileSHIFT Training– A tailored program aimed at building knowledge and awareness on how every member of the organization can apply an agile approach to contribute to change and increase change success
  • AgileSHIFT Coaching – Supporting alignment of individuals, teams, including the AgileSHIFT Transformation team, middle management and C-suite with agile working practices, to enable successful change and faster delivery of value
  • AgileSHIFT Consulting– Advising on the integration of the AgileSHIFT framework across the business to support those adopting agile ways of working to augment business and customer value.

Download our AgileSHIFT brochure for more information and contact us to speak to a HiLogic Agile Transformation Consultant. HiLogic also provides Agile training & Agile Certification and PRINCE2 training courses in Melbourne, Perth and online.

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