Agile Transformation – Adapt to change faster with collaboration and flexibility

Why invest in agile ways of working

To remain relevant and to succeed organisations are well aware of the need to ensure they can provide continued value to their customers in a more flexible and faster way.

Agile transformation aims to align individuals, teams and the broader organization to embrace change and build capability to respond faster with innovative and high-value products in an ever-changing business environment.

Key benefits often attributed to applying agile principles and practices include:

  • Improved speed to market
  • Faster return on investment
  • Ensuring the right solution is delivered at the right time
  • Increased collaboration and customer satisfaction

Our agile services are designed to support agility aims at team and enterprise levels. Our agile service package typically consists of 3 core elements:


Supporting teams, middle and leadership levels embed an agile framework with the desired agile behaviours that enable faster development of innovative and high-value products and services.

AGILE CONSULTING: Team and Enterprise agility, the agile transformation journey

Achieving enterprise agility is a change journey. Our qualified Agile Transformation Consultants can support your agility aims by facilitating:

Agile capability development

Identifying the requisite skills, practices and development plans to achieve agile maturity targets.

Agile framework implementation

Selecting, designing and implementing an agile framework tailored to your organisation’s agile maturity and business goals.

Tailored agile frameworks are often a hybrid of the following commonly used agile approaches, integrated with current delivery approaches (including current project, program and portfolio management practices):

  • Business Agility
  • Agile Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean IT
  • AgilePM®
  • AgileDS (Agile digital services)
  • AgilePgM® (Agile program management)
  • AgilePfM® (Agile portfolio management)
  • DevOps
  • PRINCE2 Agile®

Agile organisational alignment

Advice on barriers impeding successful change and identification of important levers to embed agile practices and a culture of agility. This may involve alignment of strategy, governance structures, policies, procedures, culture as well as performance systems to support and sustain organisational agility.

Agile awareness workshops

These agile workshops aim to foster understanding of the changing business environment, the need to embrace change, with awareness of agile principles and practices to achieve faster response times to change.

Agile PMO

Guiding the PMO with the integration of agile thinking and practices both within the PMO and across the project, program and portfolio management environment and building capability to support value based decision-making.


Investing in internal capability and skills is an important part of achieving organisational agility.

Train your staff with our team in agile frameworks including:

Speak to us to identify which agile framework is best suited to your current agile maturity and business goals.

Download our agile services brochure and contact our Agile Services Team for more information.