24 Feb 2020

Learn More about PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile, AgilePM & AgileDS and other Agile approaches


PRINCE2 is a project management method, providing a structured step-by-step approach to support the preparation, execution and closure of a project. It defines project management processes, roles, decision making authority and documents to support successful project delivery. Importantly, a key PRINCE2 principle is ‘tailor to suit the project’. This refers to adapting its processes, roles and documents to suit the complexity, control and governance needs of the project.  PRINCE2 does not dictate a ‘product delivery’ approach, whether it be what is often referred to as a ‘waterfall’ approach or ‘agile approach’ for delivery. The PRINCE2 framework can work with both approaches, it does not specifically favour one approach over the other, leaving the project team to determine which delivery approach best suits the product, project and business environment. PRINCE2 courses consist of a PRINCE2 Foundation course, PRINCE2 Practitioner course or a combined PRINCE2 Foundation plus Practitioner course. HiLogic offers PRINCE2 courses in Australia and Malaysia delivered online and in-person classroom training. Visit our PRINCE2 Perth and PRINCE2 Melbourne pages for more details.

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The PRINCE2 Model

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Agile environments
agile methodology includes product backlog, sprint backlog, sprint (30days & 24hrs) and working increment of the software

An agile product development environment is often characterized by incremental and iterative product development, an evolving product development approach coupled with incremental product releases. These releases commonly occur across ‘fixed time boxes’, sometimes called ‘sprints’. Visit our Agile training and certification page for more information.

PRINCE2 Agile vs AgilePM

PRINCE2 Agile provides insights into the PRINCE2 method, though the focus of PRINCE2 Agile is to illustrate how to adapt and tailor the standard PRINCE2 method for an agile environment. PRINCE2 Agile will also explain how common Agile frameworks can be used with the PRINCE2 method and how to integrate the most common agile concepts and techniques with PRINCE2 to support successful project delivery in an agile product development environment. 

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AgilePM is also an ‘agile’ project management approach specifically designed for ‘agile’ environments.  AgilePM is not aligned to any specific method (whereas PRINCE2 Agile is aligned to PRINCE2). AgilePM has its own project lifecycle, including processes, roles and governance with consideration of an agile environment. AgilePM can also be used with other project management approaches and does not require a prior understanding of other project management methods. It also integrates and describes common agile practices and techniques.


AgileDS (Agile Digital Services) is also an Agile framework from the Agile Business Consortium. It has been created to support the growing appetite for adopting agile concepts and practices to deliver digital services. AgileDS is derived from the well-proven AgilePM framework, though adapted to follow a revised lifecycle aligned to the UK Government’s Digital Service Standard. The key focus of AgileDS is to provide a user-centric approach for the design, development and delivery of digital services.

More specifically, AgileDS is designed for those seeking to integrate agile ways of working within a digital project or program and applicable for service delivery teams embarking on digital improvements or digital transformation.

AgilePM process

The AgilePM & AgileDS Lifecycles
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– AgilePM and AgileDS are products developed by APMG International and the Agile Business Consortium.

With so many projects and agile frameworks available today, it is important to note that each is likely to have been designed for a specific purpose, a purpose that may or may not best suit your product or project and business environment.  

The aim of providing this information is to provide more clarity across the above-mentioned frameworks and to aid in selecting an approach that best suits your situation. Importantly, noting, whichever option or combination of options selected will always need some level of adaption for every project situation and business environment and implementation is often a change management initiative in itself. 

Hope this information helps with your consideration, selection, adaption and implementation.  

Do reach out to us should you wish to discuss further or contact us for our agile and business agility information services brochure.

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